Saint Joseph’s Seminary Schola Tour and Pilgrimage
“Encounter with Monastic Spirituality & Gregorian Chant in France”
July 24 to August 2, 2017

Dear friends,

We invite you to join the St. Joseph’s Seminary Schola for a concert tour/pilgrimage of France this summer! Together, we will explore the rich traditions of monastic spirituality and Gregorian chant, visiting important historical sites marked by monks, kings, saints, and martyrs. Throughout the tour, our schola will also perform selections from the church’s rich treasury of sacred music at beautiful and historically significant sites throughout central France. Join us this summer for a time of prayer, relaxation, and learning as we embark on this exciting and stimulating musical journey!

Sincerely in christ,
Fr. Matthew Ernest, Director of Liturgical Formation
Dr. Jennifer Donelson, Director of Sacred Music

More information is available in the tour brochure, available here.