Friday, March 10, 2017

8:00 – Conference Registration (H)
9:30 – Solemn Lauds (Ch)
10:15 – Conference Welcome (PH)
10:30 – Plenary Address (PH)

Msgr. Robert Skeris – “The Theology of Worship and Its Music”

11:30 – Break
12:00 – Solemn Mass (Ch)
1:00 – Lunch (R)
2:00 – Concurrent Conference Sessions 1

Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth – “Forthcoming English Translations of Hymnody of the Liturgy of the Hours” (PH)

(i) Fr. Jon Tveit – “A Pastoral Plan for Parochial Music”
(ii) Dr. Jared Ostermann – “A Necessary or Integral Choir: Moving Parish Ensembles from Peripheral to Essential Liturgical Roles” (MRN)

Mary Ann Carr Wilson – “Chant Camp for Parishes” (LP)

Deacon Edward Schaefer – “The Dollars and Sense of Catholic Education” (MSC)

3:00 – Break
3:15 – Concurrent Conference Sessions 2

(i) Dr. Samuel Schmitt – “Beautiful and Universal: Gregorian Chant as a Unifying Force in Multiethnic Parishes”
(ii) Dr. Jay Swain – “Gregorian Chant in a Small Rural Parish” (MRN)

Dr. Crista Miller – Recital: “Prophetic Voice: Gregorian Chant as Cry in Our Time” (Ch)

Amy Zuberbueler and Colleen Crafton – “The Ward Method of Music Instruction: a Practical Pedagogical Method for Catholic Schools and Parishes” (PH)

Fr. Richard Cipolla – “The Pastoral Care of Musicians” (LP)

4:15 – Break
4:30 – Keynote Address (PH)

Fr. Christopher Smith – “Liturgical Formation in Catholic Schools”

5:45 – Solemn Vespers (Ch)
6:30 – Social (H)
7:00 – Conference Banquet with short address

Dr. Jennifer Donelson – “Sacred Music Renewal Fifty Years after Musicam Sacram” (R)

8:30 – Adjourn

Saturday, March 11, 2017

8:00 – Saturday Only Registration (H), light breakfast (R)
8:30 – Solemn Lauds (Ch)
9:15 – Concurrent Conference Sessions 3

Fr. Bryan W. Jerabek – “Responding to Aparecida’s Call for Cultural Enrichment: A Pastor’s Reflection on Hispanic Liturgical Ministry” (MRN)

Frs. Robin Kwan and Kevin Mann (Canons Regular of St. John Cantius) – “Communicating the Spirit of Gregorian Chant” (PH)

Alexis Kutarna – “The Song of Heaven: Mystagogical Catechesis and Sacred Music” (LP)

10:15 – Break (H)
10:30 – Concurrent Conference Sessions 4

 Fr. Innocent Smith, O.P. – “Dominican Chant in Pastoral Ministry” (LP)

Ray Henderson – “Pastoral Implications of Vernacular Chant: The Word of God Alive in Song” (MRN)

(i) Dr. Kurt Poterack – “Gregorian Chant, the Liturgy, and American Catholic Culture”
(ii) Mary Catherine Levri – “A Labor of Love and the Holy Spirit – Sacred Music at the University of Notre Dame” (PH)

11:30 – Break (H)
11:45 – Solemn Mass (Ch)
12:45 – Lunch with Panel Discussion: “How do pastors encourage excellence in sacred music programs?”

Panelists: Msgr. Robert Skeris, Fr. David Friel, Fr. George Hafemann, Dr. Crista Miller, Mary Ann Carr Wilson, Nathan Knutson, Sarah Jane Starcher Germani, Dr. Jennifer Donelson (moderator) (R)

2:00 – Concurrent Conference Sessions 5

(i) Dr. Crista Miller – “Prophetic Voice: Gregorian Chant in Contexto Historico
(ii) Heitor Caballero – “Sacred Music in Latin America, Rediscovering a Treasure” (LP)

(i) Joel Morehouse – “Musical Literacy and Liturgy”
(ii) Fr. Robert Johansen – “Chant as Sung Theology: Pius X, Pop Culture, and Realized Participation” (PH)

(i) Dr. Francis Brancaleone – “Georgia Stevens, R.S.C.J., Indefatigable Educator and the Pius X School of Liturgical Music”
(ii) Dr. Ronald Prowse – “The Palestrina Institute, Past Glory and Future Hope” (MSC)

Jonathan Ryan – “Training Choristers according to the English Cathedral Tradition and Royal School of Church Music” (MRN)

3:00 – Break (H)
3:15 – Concurrent Conference Sessions 6

(i) James Monti – “A Sense of “Solemnity” in the Sacred Liturgy as a means of Catechesis and Evangelization”
(ii) Dr. William Mahrt – “Dynamic Parallelism in Gregorian Chant” (PH)

Nicholas Lemme – “A Practical Perspective in Starting an After school Children’s Choir Program” (LP)

(i) Dr. Ann Labounsky “Sacred Music at Boys Town”
(ii) Dr. Aaron James “Sacred Music in Crisis: The École Niedermeyer and the Roots of Modern Chant Accompaniment” (MRN)

Nicholas Will – Recital: “Accessible Organ Literature Based on Chant” (Ch)

4:15 – Break (H)
4:30 – Keynote – Mark Langley (PH)

“Building a School of Singers: The Schola Cantorum as an Integral Part of the Catholic School”

5:30 – Concurrent Conference Sessions 7

Dr. Mary Jane Ballou –
“Sacred Music in the Secular Sphere: Can Beauty Lead to the Good and the True?” (MRN)

Lisa Knutson –
“The Parish Youth Orchestra and Conservatory For a Diverse Neighborhood” (PH)

(i) Fr. David Friel – “Is Beauty Subjective? Identifying the Criteria of Beauty”
(ii) Laurence Rosania – “The Role of Beauty and Chant in Spiritual Formation” (LP)

6:30 – Break (H)
6:45 – Solemn Vespers (Ch)
7:30 – Adjourn, dinner and social at a nearby restaurant

Location Key

Location Key: H=Hallway; Ch=Chapel; R=Refectory; PH=Prayer Hall; MRN=Meeting Room North; LP=Large Philosophy; MSC=Msgr. Smith Classroom