An affordable meal package will be available for those wishing to eat at the seminary. There are also delis, pubs, and restaurants in the area (within ½ mile walk) if you would like to choose somewhere else to eat, though you may find that the conference schedule makes eating off campus a less attractive option because of the need to rush to get back for presentations. A list of recommended restaurants is forthcoming.

The Friday meal package ($85) includes a continental breakfast, cafeteria-style all-you-can-eat lunch, a cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres preceding the banquet, and the conference banquet.

The Saturday meal package ($25) includes a continental breakfast and cafeteria-style all-you-can-eat lunch. Arrangements will be announced for conference participants about a dinner on Saturday evening at a nearby restaurant; this meal is not included in the $25 package.

Meal packages must be reserved and purchased during the conference registration process; no on-site payment or sign-up for the meal packages are available.